Chase the Cheddar Slots

If you like to set your teeth in some tasty cheddar, both the green and the golden version, and like the challenges of a cat-and-mouse chase game, then why not give Chase the Cheddar Slots a try the next time you go online to try your luck at casino platforms that run on the Arrow’s Edge software. Here, we will tell you more about this game so that you can learn how it works before you come out of your mouse hole to give it a try most safely and confidently.

Theme and Design Elements That Set the Tone for Your Gaming Sessions

Chase the Cheddar Slots is like a Tom and Jerry cartoon coming to life on your casino game screen. The setting is a household where a cat rules the living room while a hungry rodent has to cross it safely in order to get to that ever so tasty cheddar. Along the way, the mouse will come across lots of treacherous challenges, with the cat being only one of them. Those challenges are visible in the background as well on the reel grid itself, with the cat lurking on the couch in the living room, while the reel grid also displays the cat, the mousetrap, and the dog.

However, even though it looks like a dangerous spot for a mouse in need of a golden cheddar fix, the reel grid is indeed the spot where that cheddar can be won. Learn how to do it in the next paragraphs.

More About the Game’s Non-bonus Play Features

At the core of this slot machine are its non-bonus play features, which might not give as high wins as the bonus-triggering ones but occur more frequently and are, therefore, worth chasing after at any time. The way to make those non-bonus play wins is by hitting combos on the game’s five-by-four reel grid and by effectively working its 1024 ways to pay system. Symbol combinations need to consist of three to five identical reel attributes, with the five-piece ones paying out the highest rewards.

There are multiple winning Chase the Cheddar Slots symbol combos that you can make, so we recommend checking out the slot’s second screen paytable section for more details on any of them. Furthermore, in that paytable section, you also find details about the slot’s other perks, rules, and functions, one of those being its bonus play elements. To give you a teaser about those bonus play elements, we’ve listed them in the next paragraph below. Make sure you check it out.

Play Your Spins Right to Make the Most Out of This Slot’s Bonus Perks

In terms of Chase the Cheddar Slots bonus play features, this game has a reel grid symbols replacing (cat) wild icon, a stages-based free spins feature, a mouse and cheese feature, and a progressive jackpot prize win opportunity. Carefully study the slot’s paytable section and play your spins right, so you will soon find yourself greatly benefiting from those golden bonus play elements.

Are You Ready for the Chase?

Are you ready to involve yourself in a chase for the cheddar after reading this review of Chase the Cheddar Slots? We certainly hope you do because even though there might be risks involved, the real money casino wins in the end could be totally worth it. Start trying out the features of this joyful and lighthearted slot machine title today at Arrow’s Edge software-boosted casino platforms.