Slots Vendor Affiliate Program

The Slots Vendor Affiliate Program is a partnership program. It is exclusively for webmasters who want to earn extra money. Webmasters make commission by referring players to client casinos. There are no costs to sign up as the point is to earn money, not spend it. Even if you don't have a website you can still join. This is because all traffic does not come exclusively from websites. So, there are instances when, upon review, certain approaches are accepted.

Prohibited Websites

Any website is welcome to join but there are some that are prohibited such as those directed at children, those that contain sexually explicit material, promote violence, promote discrimination, promote illegal activities, or that violate intellectual property rights.

Two Ways to Make Cash

There are a couple different ways to make money through this affiliate program. First, you refer players and for every one that is referred to the partner casino you earn money that is commission based on their wagers. You can also refer affiliates and you make money based on their earnings. The earnings are limitless considering that this industry is still booming. This program also equips members with everything they need to take full advantage of earnings for life.

Lucrative Revenue

The reason that this is the best program to join is because the conversion rates are the best; you get fast and reliable payments, and a dedicated affiliate management team. The payments offered at Slots Vendor are very competitive. You can earn as much as 40% of the income created from your player referrals, every month, for the life of that player. Plus, you get 5% from all of your affiliate referrals.

Easy to Join

All you have to do to join is fill out the straightforward and fast application online. There is an automatic approval and then someone will get in touch with you within 48 hours to go over your information and account. Provided that your information meets policy you will be on your way to an exciting beginning in the affiliate program that can boost your income like nothing else.

Join the Slots Vendor Affiliate Program today and start earning money in a very lucrative exclusive casino!