Jane's Farm Slots

Jane's Farm Slots is a virtual video slot machine title that will put you in an exceptional mood with its theme and numerous real money-win opportunities. Make sure you read more about this casino game in the article below and give it a try afterward, as it is something you won't regret.

Jane's Farm Slots Effectively Transports You to the Countryside

Countryside and farm-focused slot machine titles are usually on the sunny and lighthearted side, and Jane's Farm Slots is no exception in that regard. Opening up this game will immediately make you breathe a whiff of fresh air and put you in a good and healthy mood. The grassy and hilly farm fields open up in front of you while flowers, trees, a tractor, a fence, and freely roaming around chickens further from the decor of your farm-based reel-spinning setting.

On the wooden framed reel grid itself, you see farm-themed symbols like the pig, the corn crops, and the cow. A joyful background tune and the sounds of various animals further contribute to the immersive farm live experience that is this joyful slot machine game. Now, let's look in the next paragraph what you can do with the mentioned symbols and others.

More About the Standard Non-bonus Gameplay Features to Make Wins With

First of all, the reel-spinning action in this farmstead game takes place on a traditional video slot-sized framework consisting of five reels and three rows. On the reel grid, you find the mentioned symbols and others with which you are going to make non-feature wins and bonus wins. We talk about the non-feature icons first before moving on to the bonus ones.

However, don't let that make you skip to the juiciest part of the article below already because you should know that non-feature wins occur more often, and they can thus still be very beneficial for your digital reel-spinning endeavors. With the non-feature symbols, you need to make combos. In order for those combos to be successful win-triggering ones, they need to land on the reel grid and any of the 21 available fixed pay lines.

Also, those combos need to consist of three, four, or five identical reel icons, with the three-piece version paying the lowest paytable stated win and the five-piece version the highest one. You can find a full overview of all the available real money credit wins in the fruit machine's detailed paytable section, which is accessible in-game while you are playing.

Furthermore, that paytable section will also tell you more about other aspects of the game, for example, the bonus features, which we are going to talk about more in the next paragraph. Definitely check out that juiciest part of the slot machine review right away.

Make Your Wins Grow With the Help of Jane's Farm Slots Bonus Features

To make your winnings grow the Jane's Farm Slots way, try to play its bonus features as much as you can. The available bonus play elements for this slot are the free spins feature, the additional free spins rewarding milk bottle, the chicken coop bonus, the wild icon, and the major and mega jackpots.

Start to Reap in Your Reel Spinning and Betting Harvest Today

With your knowledge about Jane's Farm Slots now firmly established, it is time to start to see and reap the benefits or, shall we say, fruits of your labor. What better way to do that than in a farm-themed slot machine title? Look for this slot online at casino websites running on the trusted Arrow's Edge software.