Medusa's Millions Slots

In Greek mythology, the female Gorgon Medusa was known for turning those who looked her in the eye to stone, but when you play Medusa's Millions Slots, there is a better chance your casino credits will be turned into gold by her, so don't fear this monster and give her a visit on the reel grid of this game. However, make sure you come prepared by first studying the slot's workings here because you don't want to end up being on Medusa's bad side.

Theme and Design Elements Presented to You While You Play This Game

Medusa's Millions Slots takes you deep into the cave of the feared snake lady, where the lava boils, and the stone-turned victims of the monster can be seen. Furthermore, Medusa herself is, of course, also present in this game, together with the living snakes on her head, hovering next to the reel grid's left flank.

On the grid itself, you see themed symbols associated with the legendary story of Medusa, including the snake and other gods from Greek mythology. A rather ominous-sounding background tune further sets the tone for your reel-spinning descent into the cave of the legendary serpent woman.

If this description of the game has not made you scared to try it out at a later stage, then make sure you go ahead and continue to study its workings in the next paragraph, as it will tell you about the slot's non-bonus wins triggering gameplay features.

Non-bonus Win Triggering Gameplay Features to Be Aware Of

The reel-spinning action in this slot takes place on a five-by-three game grid on which you need to land combinations of identical symbols, consisting of three, four, or five pieces, with the five-piece hits granting you the biggest non-bonus feature paytable wins. To get a good overview of what those wins can be, consider looking at the slot's second screen paytable section, in which you will find a complete overview showing you the payouts of every eligible three-, four-, or five-piece combo.

Furthermore, one last thing to remember about those Medusa's Millions Slots combinations is that, in order for them to trigger their rewards, they need to land on any of the 33 available pay lines that cross the reel grid of this casino game. With that being said, let's now move on to telling you more about this game's bonus play features as well in the next paragraph below.

Make the Most Powerful Wins With This Game's Bonus Play Features

You can make the most powerful wins in this game by effectively using its various bonus play features that will help give a significant boost to your bankroll if lady luck happens to be fighting on your side while you are spinning the slot's reels.

It is again advisable to check out the slot's second screen paytable section to learn the full details about those various features, but here is already a teaser to get you already excited about them. By playing this digital fruit machine, you will have access to its expanding wild feature, its hold-and-win bonus, and its progressive jackpot reward.

Do You Dare to Play Medusa's Millions Slots at Internet Casinos?

With your knowledge about Medusa's Millions Slots now firmly established, it is time to venture into the monster's cave to see if it will turn your bets into stone or gold. Look for this slot at casinos that run on reliable software from Arrow's Edge, as that is the developer of this reel spinner's software.