Bigfoot Mountain Slots

Bigfoot has captured the imagination of many people, and a lot of them have been visiting the North American wild in search of this ape-like humanoid. For those people, and for the fans of slot machine titles alike, there is now a much more convenient way to hunt the legendary Sasquatch.

That way is presented to them via Bigfoot Mountain Slots, which center all around Sasquatch and the creature’s natural habitat. In that habitat, you can find many valuable treasures if you play your spins right, and the way to increase your success with that action is by reading the slot’s review below, so make sure you do that right away.

Theme and Design Elements You Will Encounter When Playing This Slot

Bigfoot Mountain Slots really captures the scene properly with its deep forest setting colored in vivid green, the Sasquatch warning sign, and the shadow of the legendary creature itself crossing the game screen. A relaxing ambient background music tune and added sound effects further set the scene for a perfect Bigfoot hunting and reel spinning setting, while on the reel grid itself, you see themed icons like the binocular, the creature peeking his head out of the bushes, and the Sasquatch warning sign again.

Make Non-bonus Wins by Using Basic Gam Features to Your Advantage

The mentioned symbols and others in this game are either of the non-bonus feature activating kind or the bonus perks triggering one. We discuss the bonus play elements in the next paragraph and first focus on the non-bonus activating ones. And don’t worry about not being able to win enough with them, though, because even though they do not have the bonus juice attached to them, they do hit more often and are still generous rewards, so you will be able to properly boost your bankroll with them if luck happens to be on your side.

To make regular paytable wins with Bigfoot Mountain Slots, you need to spin symbols into combinations on the standard video slot-sized five-by-four reel grid. Plus, to actually trigger their stated wins, the combos also need to hit any of the 75 available fixed pay lines that cross the reel grid. To get a good overview of all the available payouts, it is a good idea to check out the slot’s paytable section, which you can study in-game by clicking on the ‘?’ sign visible in the bottom left corner of the reel grid. Furthermore, the paytable will also inform you about this slot’s bonus features, of which you can read a quick teaser below.

More About the Game’s Bankroll Boosting Bonus Play Elements

Like many digital slot machines that are available on the net, this reel spinner also has a couple of bonus play features that will help you beef up your casino bankroll. The available bonus play elements for this game are the wild feature, the big spin feature, and the progressive jackpot. Again, for more details about these features and other aspects of the game, check out its paytable section.

Proceed to Play Bigfoot Mountain Slots Online

Now that you have gained a better understanding of Bigfoot Mountain Slots and its features, it’s about time to start playing the game at your favorite internet casino running on the software from Arrow’s Edge. Find it at such casinos and proceed to play it in demo mode, real money mode, mobile mode, desktop mode, instant play mode, or download play mode.