Helena's Haunted House Slots

Helena's Haunted House Slots

When the dark and spooky season is in full swing, there's nothing better than sitting in the comfort of your warmly lit house and enjoying the best of both worlds by playing Halloween-themed reel spinners while simultaneously chasing big prizes. Luckily, there are a lot of slots that center around that theme, which you can find on the net in abundance. One of those digital reel spinners is Helena's Haunted House Slots, a title from the well-known casino software developer Arrow's Edge. Check out detailed information on that slot in the article below.

Proper Theme and Design Elements Immerse You Into This Slot's World

Helena's Haunted House Slots centers around a rather voluptuous-looking witch called, you guessed it, Helena. Furthermore, it has a spooky Halloween theme, and it is therefore important it looks the part. Luckily, Arrow's Edge succeeded in that endeavor because the slot's design elements are very detailed and, most importantly, fun to look at, not at the very least because of the presence of the sexy witch Helena. Other spooky 'creatures' being present in this game, on the reel grid or in its close proximity, are a vampire, a werewolf, multiple bats, a black cat, Frankenstein's monster, and various jack-o-lanterns.

The background setting of Helena's Haunted House Slots, further brought to life by a mysterious-sounding musical tune, is a beautiful and detailed depiction of a creepy house standing in a foggy landscape. Furthermore, you also see the witch and a couple of bats flying about while the black cat and the jack-o-lanterns have taken a position closer to the reel grid. We will tell you more about that reel grid and how you can spin wins on it in the next paragraph.

How to Use This Game's Reel Grid and Symbols to Your Advantage

One of the first things you will probably notice when opening up this slot game on your device's screen is its rather unusual-looking reel grid. Instead of being a more traditional five-by-three video slot frame, this grid has a five-reel, 3-4-5-4-3 row setup. With the symbols appearing on that reel grid, you need to make your paytable wins.

The way to do that is by spinning them into combinations of three to five identical symbols, with the five-piece symbol combos paying out the highest wins. Furthermore, remember that it is good to keep in mind that this is a 720 ways pay game, which gives you ample opportunity to trigger powerful gains.

To learn more about all the available symbol combo payouts for this slot, we recommend you also check out its paytable section while you are in the game, which is a section that also tells you more about the bonus features you can trigger. However, to give you a teaser about those bonus features so that you can already become excited about them, check out the provided information in the next paragraph as well.

Bonus Play Features That Await You in This Slot Machine Game

As mentioned, the game's paytable section can tell you in detail about the available bonus play features, but in order to get you all excited about them, let us already tell you that what awaits you are the bingo bonus, the werewolf free spins, and the progressive jackpot prize win opportunity. Try to hit all these bonus elements during your plays for optimum fun and gains.

Experience the Spooky Fun of Helena's Haunted House Slots Today

The game Helena's Haunted House Slots awaits you online at various Arrow's Edge software-powered casino platforms. Don't let this slot machine game skip your attention when you encounter it on those platforms, as it can properly entertain and enrich you if you allow yourself to be immersed in its spooky yet enjoyable world of strange creeps and horrors.