Time Bender Slots

Time Bender Slots

If you want your slot games to be a little bit more complex than usual in terms of their themes and features, then it pays to look into the workings of Time Bender Slots. This game will not disappoint you if you are in for a bit of a challenging reel-spinning adventure, so make sure you study it as best you can before you give it a try the next time you encounter it at a casino platform running on the trusted Arrow’s Edge software.

Theme and Design Elements Display the Topics of Time and Space Travel

Time Bender Slots tackles the complex topics of traveling between universes and dimensions. As a result, you get to explore space and time via portals, and by doing so, you might find a treasure or more. The game portrays the stars and galaxies-filled universe in the background, while on its reel grid, you find various symbols associated with time and space traveling.

Furthermore, an ambient background tune combined with futuristic sounds makes the whole setting complete and helps to effectively immerse you into this slot’s intriguing and captivating world, or should we say universe.

More About the Slot’s Basic Gameplay and Non-bonus Win Features

At the core of this slot are its basic gameplay and non-bonus win-triggering features, and we will tell you more about them right here. To start with the fruit machine’s game grid on which the time and space-traveling reel-spinning action takes place, you can expect to encounter a five-by-four framework.

Within the confines of that framework, you get to make combinations with symbols that resemble all sorts of interdimensional portals, as well as those that are not themed and are high-paying card game icon displays. Those symbols need to form combinations on the reel grid for them to pay out their prizes, and in order to do that, they also need to land on any of the 40 available pay lines crossing the reel grid. The minimum requirement for a successful win-triggering combination is one consisting of three identical reel attributes, and the maximum one is one of five.

Remember that a combo of five will trigger the highest payout you can receive. Since there are multiple win values available for all the different symbol combos you can make in this game, it is best to check the slot’s paytable section while playing it so that you have a clear overview of what’s exactly on the table if lady luck visits your game.

Furthermore, that second screen paytable section will also reveal further details about other aspects of the slot. Think about its bonus features, for example, which we will also tell you a bit more about below in a teaser-like fashion.

A Quick Teaser About This Virtual Fruit Machine’s Bonus Play Elements

A quick teaser about this slot’s bonus play elements will probably make you even more excited to start playing it, so let’s go ahead and give you one right away. Playing this slot gives you access to a highlight feature, a nudge feature, a ring of time bonus, a free spins bonus, and a progressive jackpot reward. Due to the complexity and volume of details of these bonus play elements, we once again recommend you check out the slot’s paytable section.

Time and Space Travel and Potential Casino Wins Await You Online

Time and space travel await you, as well as potentially amazing wins when you start playing Time Bender Slots at Arrow’s Edge casino platforms in the various gameplay modes that are available for this slot. Thus, don’t wait any longer to go on such an exciting reel-spinning adventure on the net.