Pot of Gold Slots

The luck of the Irish and the icons and figures associated with it are a popular theme often used by developers of internet slot machines. One of those developers that have released such a slot machine is the company Arrow’s Edge. The brand’s Pot Of Gold Slots reel spinner is a fun addition to the ever-expanding pool of games that focus on the Irish and their many lucky charms. You can read a lot about this game in the article below, so make sure you do that right away so you do not miss out on any important information.

This Game Transports You to the Green and Golden Lands of the Irish

It is hardly a surprise that Irish culture and luck-themed reel spinners are so popular among the users of digital slot machines. The Irish are well known for having many fortune- and luck-increasing elements in their culture, and you find those elements in and around the Pot Of Gold Slots reel grid. To start with its surroundings, expect to see various shiny pots of gold placed in a typical green Irish setting.

Then, there is, of course, the wooden framed reel grid, on which you find themed icons like the Leprechaun, the pots of gold on two ends of a rainbow, and the golden coin with the four-leaf-clover printed on it. A typical joyful Irish tune further sets the tone for your reel-spinning sessions in this casino game. Speaking about reel spinning sessions, we will now take a look at how you need to perform them in order to make wins with this game, starting with those of the non-bonus type.

How to Make Non-Feature Wins on the Reel Grid of This Casino Game

The way to make non-feature wins on the reel grid of Pot of Gold Slots is by hitting its five reels and four rows with the right paytable symbol combinations. For your reference, you can see an overview of the eligible ones in this slot’s second screen paytable section, which will also show you how many you can win with each combo.

In short, a combo needs to consist of two or three to five identical symbols, and you can make the highest-paying wins with combos of five of those reel attributes. Furthermore, keep in mind that pay line structures also play a role in triggering the releases of your wins, which in this case means you have lots of opportunities because it is a game that works with a powerful 1024 ways pays system for your convenience.

Furthermore, keep in mind that most of the symbol combos you will make in this game will give you non-feature wins, but there are also bonus play elements available in the slot that further help you make mighty gains with it. We will give you a teaser about those bonus play elements in the next paragraph below.

More About the Slots Powerful Bonus Play Features

First of all, there is a lot to say about this slot’s bonus play elements, so it is wise to, after being introduced to them here, check out the paytable section of the game while playing it to get all the full details. However, to give you a quick update about what you can expect to encounter in terms of bonus plays when opening up this virtual fruit macine on your screen, we would like to inform you that it boasts free spins, a gold coin symbol, a golden spins feature, a double up feature, and a progressive jackpot win opportunity.

Start Chasing Fortunate Moments by Playing Pot of Gold Slots Online

You don’t have to make a big effort to try and find the elusive end of the rainbow to start claiming golden wins. Getting online and finding a casino platform that has Pot Of Gold Slots available is all you need to do to get started with chasing those fortunes, and they could come to you very fast, considering the luck of the Irish is always so strong.