Rise Of The Titans Slots

With casino software developer Dragon Gaming's Rise Of The Titans Slots, you have access to yet another immersively themed reel spinner on the net, this time centered around the world of the mythological Greek Gods. In the article below, you are going to find out more about what to expect when you decide to open up and play this reel spinner on your favorite Dragon Gaming software-powered casino website.

Battle It Out Among the Gods in Rise of the Titans Slots

Rise Of The Titans Slots takes you on a journey into the sky, presumably all the way up to Mount Olympus, where you will battle it out on the reel grid among powerful deities like Poseidon, god of the sea, Athena, goddess of wisdom, craft, and warfare, Hades, god of the underworld, and the mighty Zeus, king of the gods, himself.

Zeus takes a position on the left side of the reel grid while a beautifully animated fire demon stands on the right side as his opponent. Surrounded by a cloudy sky, the reel grid itself hosts displays of the mentioned Greek gods and non-themed high card symbols. An excitement-inducing battle music background further sets the tone for this epic reel-spinning clash among the fascinating gods of ancient times.

Basic Gameplay Features to Be Aware of While Playing This Casino Game

Let's now focus on the reel-spinning action taking place on the five-by-four reel grid of this slot machine game. With the mentioned symbols and others, you are going to have to spin combinations on the reel grid in order to trigger non-feature paytable wins. In addition, you can make bonus hits with a couple of symbols as well, but we will discuss those in the next paragraph.

First, we will tell you more about this slot's non-bonus feature wins, which you can trigger by landing combos of identical symbols on the reel grid. The combo hits that you need to form must consist of a minimum of three identical icons and a maximum of five. A five-piece combo grants you the highest prize.

Remember, besides that, a combo also needs to land on any of the 25 fixed pay lines crossing the reel grid for it to become one that pays out a prize. If you want to see the exact prizes associated with each combo, make sure you check out the slot's paytable section in-game, which will also tell you more about this fruit machine's other workings and features, such as its bonus play elements. But to give you a teaser of what you can expect from this digital fruit machine in terms of such bonus play features, we will describe them briefly in the next paragraph, so keep on reading.

Bonus Play Features That Further Help Boost Your Reel Spinning Gains

Rise Of The Titans Slots has a couple of bonus play features that will help you further up your reel spinning plays, bets, and, potentially, even gains. Those bonus play elements are the silver and gold pandora's box feature, the free spins feature, the wrath mode free spins, the power meter, and the wild symbol. Once again, we refer you to the slot title's second screen paytable section to learn more about those bonus perks triggering gameplay elements.

Hit the Rise of the Titans Slot Machine Reels Today

Now that you are more aware of the workings of Rise Of The Titans Slots and the benefits that come from playing this slot online at Dragon Gaming software-powered casino platforms, we can highly encourage you to start interacting with this digital fruit machine online right away. You might soon find yourself involved in epic reel-spinning battles among the most powerful of ancient Greek mythology gods of Mount Olympus and their opponents.