The Defenders Slots

The world of heroic protectors and epic slot machine gambling sessions awaits you on the action-packed reels of The Defenders Slots from casino entertainment software provider Dragon Gaming. To discover what it entails to play this slot and claim its prizes, make sure you carefully inspect its review below.

Noteworthy Theme and Design Elements of This Slot Machine Title

As you know by now from reading the intro of this slot machine review article, The Defenders Slots is all about comic book heroes, specifically about two of them that work with icy powers and one that possesses the weapon of fire.

In the background, behind the reel grid, you can see a city under attack by an unknown enemy, looking like an actual drawing with lots of colorful details depicted in it. On the reel grid itself, you can find the comic book heroes, but also other themed icons like fireballs and ice balls.

So far, the theme and looks of the game. Now, let’s look at its basic, non-bonus win-triggering features so you can get a well-rounded understanding of the slot.

Using the Game’s Non-bonus Triggering Features to Your Advantage

In this paragraph, we are going to talk about the non-bonus features of The Deferends Slots. While reading about those gameplay elements, keep in mind that even though they don’t provide bonus perks, they still offer you handsome prizes that can significantly boost your casino bankroll. To get started, let’s first talk about the slot’s reel grid, on which all the spinning and winning action takes place.

The Defenders Slots is a video slot that gives you access to a game grid consisting of five reels and three rows. On those reels and rows, you are going to need to spin the above-discussed symbols and others. To make non-feature wins, you have access to specific symbols that need to form combinations on the reel grid.

Such combinations need to consist of at least three to five similar reel attributes and cross any of the ten available fixed pay lines to trigger their wins. You can see all the available winning symbol combinations and their stated prizes in the slot’s paytable section, which you can access in-game while playing and which also informs you about other aspects of the game, for example, its bonus features.

Epic Bonus Features to Be Aware of While Playing This Slot Title

This slot has a couple of epic bonus features you should make optimum use of while playing it. To fully get to know those features and their perks, it is best you study the mentioned in-game paytable section, but to give you a teaser of what you can expect, let us mention perks like instant wins, ultra spins, and free games.

Get Ready for Epic Betting Action Provided by the Defenders Slots

Reading about a virtual casino slot machine is one thing, but actually playing it is another. That is why we encourage you to leave this page and begin your betting adventure with The Defenders Slots. By doing so, you might soon find yourself in the beneficial and honorable position of being a hero of the slots.